Client: MOSCTHA Project: web-based stories Role: Creative Director On January 12th, 2010, a hurricane forever changed Haiti. An estimated 230,000 people died, an additional 300,000 were injured and at least 1.5 million were left homeless. Stories of devastation, delays in the delivery of pledges and donor aid, alleged corruption, the cholera outbreak, and political instability have become ubiquitous in the media coverage of the situation in Haiti. Rarely are the voices of Haitian people included in the coverage. "Stop Indiference. Show Love" takes to the refugee camps, urban centers and coastal villages of Haiti to listen to and document the stories of those whose voices had been silenced.

Duvalier Beach
Jean The Baker
Twoubadou Kreyol
Hollywood Saloon Biset
Election Posters
Madame Gabriel
Camp Pitimy: Part one - Christina Foncer
Andres Chapplet
Martin Raymond
Camp Pitimy: Part two- Cholera Treatment Tent
Joseph Kervin  & David Augustin
Rosemond Pravel & Claudele Bernard
Muscadin Olgens
Roads of Port-Au-Prince
Camp Pitimy: Part two- D. Olivier
Edward Parison
Election Graffiti
One Year Later
Created multi-channel platforms to advance campaign awareness  including:
- website development & design
- visual branding
- social media development
- e-commerce microsite
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